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Amethyst Mystical and healing powers

There are people who have great belief in supernatural, myths, spirituality, and astrology and basically the acceptance that there is something then our own actions that control the happening of our lives. The fact that the  human body and mind can be maneuvered by using the different elements that nature offers for example precious stones. Everything has reason and a purpose behind it. If you are wearing this gemstone in the form of a ring or bracelet because it just looks good and you like the color or its in fashion then there is nothing to think about. But if you want to know more about how this as a birthstone will benefit you, what does astrology and ancient religious believes say, then you would be amazed to know that the power of the gleam from the stone is just not eye striking but also soul stirring.


Birth Stones

There are gemstones set for each month of the year. They suit and benefit people born on that month and hence are known as birthstones. 'Amethyst' the purple colored transparent beautiful stone is the birthstone for people born in the month of February. According to old legend and general beliefs worldwide this stone is considered to make the wearer calm and in control of his various emotional levels. This stone though a birthstone for February born Aquarian can also benefit Sagittarius as well as the Piscean as they are the people always going through highs and low with there emotions. It also is supposed to evade drunkenness according to the Greek mythology. This gemstone ranges from the light purple to dark and is said to bring luck and intelligence to the wearer.

Gemstone and our universe
According to the Hindu/Indian astrology the movement of the planets, the sun and the moon determines the happening in a person's life. The time, date and place of birth of an individual are calculated to know the life history of that person. The astrologer can find out what kind of person you are, what kind of physical ailments you have, your family history and except the time of your death he can tell you the answers to all your questions on your future. It's a science and not any magical power that a stranger can guess the many happenings in your past without you telling them anything. There is a science known as gemology which compliments astrology as it's believed that each gemstone is related to all the planets in the galaxy and there movement into an individual life circle makes or breaks things. For example Amethyst has the power to control the effects of a planet which will cause problems for you, then to wear this stone of a particular size as a ring or a bracelet can protect you from the ill effects of the planetary movement. An astrologer and a gemologist will determine the right stone for you which will truly be your birthstone and wearing it will protect you always. They will even tell you the right size and what kind of setting (set in gold or silver) the ring should have and on which finger to be worn etc.

But to do all this you should have a belief in the science of astrology and if you think I can be successful and rich by just wearing the birthstone and not doing anything then you are wrong. The birthstone is not magical, it will only compliment and inspire your efforts and hardships. By getting yourself a birthstone after much consultation you will be able to let go of your fears and concentrate fulltime on your task moving forward with a strong belief that the stone is going to protect me from falling down. This mindset itself is going to prove positive for you and you will be grateful that you decided to go for a birthstone.

Amethyst Gallery
The gemstone amethyst has a beautiful purple color and because of its grandeur was the most commonly used jewelry embellishment by the kings and queens of the yesteryears. It was the color purple or the belief associated with this beautiful gemstone that made amethyst so popular among the royals is still a question.

This protects the wearer as it's a crystal that repels without attracting. It repels negativity. According to the belief that it also protects from getting drunk, this gemstone is used to cure alcoholics of their addiction. The amethyst when worn as a birthstone is supposed to keep you financially secure and calms the nerves and helps you focus. The stone is supposed touch the body to transfer its energies to make this possible, the stone can be just strung together to make a bracelet or a charming neck chain. Amethyst is such a beauty that anybody can wear it, even if it's not your birthstone you can still have it in your jewelry. It's not going to have any adverse effect on the wearer.

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