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Garnets are incredibly attractive and unique stones. They come in a multitude of colors and because of its great properties can be cut into many shapes and sizes. If you are looking for an attractive stone for almost any piece of jewelry, whether it is a ring, earring, charm or bracelet, you should definitely look into garnets, here is some more information.


Garnets are known well for being a deep, warm, red, however garnets come in several wonderful colors including green, orange, brown, yellow, and earth tones such as cinnamon. The only color that a garnet does not come in is blue. Usually the most popular and valuable garnets are the deep, warm red ones. Since garnets have been around and popular for thousands of years, many garnets are sold as antiques.

Garnets can be cut and shaped into almost any size or shape. They have a crystal structure and decent hardness of 7.5 to 8. This hardness allows them to be worn on a daily basis; however it is important to note that any hard impact can shatter a Garnet. Besides crystal structures, Garnets can also occur in grain form. While grain form is less popular than the crystal form, it can be made into a wide variety of jewelry as well. Sometimes grainy Garnets are used in industrial applications such as abrasives.

Garnets are usually found set in rings, as earrings, on bracelets and pendants. If you are looking for a stylish stone that comes in almost any color, make sure to look at the attractive Garnet.

Garnets are extremely interesting and fascinating gemstones. There refractive qualities are wonderfully delightful and their myriad of colors will fit anyone’s style. The most popular colors that Garnets appear are red, green, orange, earth tones such as smoke and cinnamon. The only color not available as a Garnet is blue. Garnets are a form of neosilicates and are created from the elements of calcium, manganese and iron. Besides these elements, other elements do occur including chromium and titanium. Garnets can be found in crystal form or in a grainy form. In fact, the word Garnet comes from the Latin word for grainy – gannatus.

Garnets are usually found as dodecahedral crystals, but are known also to form in trapezohedron habits. The crystalline structure is that of an isometric system, meaning they have three axes that are all equal in length and also considered perpendicular to one another. Garnets are usually hard minerals with a hardness score of 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s hardness scale, however it should be noted, they can still crack easily and will break into sharp fragments.

Garnets are found all over the world, however, while rare, the highest quality Garnets come from East Africa. Other regions where Garnets are found are in certain parts of Europe and South America.

Garnets have two main uses, first they are used for ornamental jewelry and because of their crystal structure and attributes can be cut and shaped very easily. Garnets are also used as an abrasive, obviously in their grain form


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