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Ruby is the birthstone of July and the fifteenth anniversary stone. It's the zodiac birthstone for Capricorn. One of the most precious of all gemstones, the best ruby gemstone is a ruby red stone, which is a transparent, deep, rich red in color . Celebrated in the Bible and in ancient Sanskrit writings as most precious of all gemstones, it’s been prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages.

The Color Red symbolizes love it emanates warmth and a strong sense of life. For thousands of years Ruby has been considered on of the most valuable gemstones of our Earth. Red is also the color of Ruby Beads. Ruby Gemstone is the King of gemstones. The fascinating realms of gemstones rubies are the generally accepted emperors. In the Sanskrit language Ruby is called "ratnaraj”, which does in fact translate as "King of Gemstones”.

As stated above: color is Ruby’s most important feature, and transparency is secondary only. Therefore, then, inclusions do not effect the quality of a Ruby, unless they decrease the transparency of the stone or are located right in the centre of its table. Quite the contrary applies: inclusions within a ruby are something like the gemstones fingerprints, stating its individuality while at the same time proving its genuineness like a certificate provided by Nature. The cut is essential: only a perfect cut will underline the beauty of this valuable and precious stone appropriately to make it really the "King of Gemstones”. But just as true love is rare indeed, so are really perfect Rubies. And if you find one, it is bound to cost a small fortune. Nevertheless: once you found "your” Ruby, do not hesitate: go for it and keep it!.

To Hindus, the Ruby Red is the "King of Precious Stones". To them it affords all protection from enemies, guards their home and belongings. For them this is the gemstone of the Sun (Surya1`) and Hindu Astrology assigns it to the sign Leo. To give a ruby gemstone offering to the God Krishna is to come back a powerful ruler in the next life.

Natural Healers use Ruby beads for headaches and to protect from psychic attack. Rubies are through to induce strong dreams that provide guidance and teaching in one's life. The red gem is of times associated with the fiery, masculine planet Mars, however, in Western astrology, it is most commonly associated with the Sun (Leo) as the red of Ruby is associated with Fire (Leo is a fire sign).

Healing Properties:
Besides being an excellent protector, rubbing a Ruby on your skin is said to maintain its youthful appearance. Though helpful for Alzheimer suffers and heart ailments. Ruby is an important gemstone in opening a closed Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra). Rubies are most often associated with the Heart Chakra. Thought to heal the heart both physically and emotionally and increase love, both given and receive.

Scientific Properties :
Composed of Aluminium Oxide with traces of chromium for color. Strongly fluorescent in ultraviolet light (usually glows red or orange) plus its hardness are very good identifiers of stone.

Other Ruby occurrences are located in Northern Pakistan in the Hunza-Valley, or in Cashmere, Tadchikistan, Laos, Nepal, and Afghanistan. But Rubies are also produced in India, wherein the Federal states of Mysore and Orissa there were discovered occurrences with relatively large Ruby crystals, which are, however, full of inclusions, but nevertheless excellently suited to be cut as Ruby beads or cabochons).

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