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Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone, discovered in 1967.  It is said that Masai tribesmen walking through the plains of Tanzania came across a stone that was seen to be hit with lightning.  This mineral was Zoisite and the mineral was a beautiful deep blue with a tinge of purple surrounding the center.  This new mineral was later named Tanzanite with the help of Tiffany’s and Co. and from this point on became a favorite of the jewelry marketplace.


Tanzanite comes from one place only, the mines of North Tanzania.  It is an extraordinary mineral in that it gives off a wonderful hue, most notably deep blue with a hint of purple.  However it can come in other colors as well including purple or brownish yellow. 

Tiffany’s made this gemstone extremely popular to the world’s gemstone marketplace and due to mainly its undeniable beautiful color; it has become a favorite around the world.  Because Tanzanite is rare and found in one place only, it can command high gemstone prices that sometimes rival or approach that of the diamond.

Tanzanite is marketed as the gemstone to give to a mother with a new born child.  The Masai of Africa believe that this stone brings life and Tiffany and Co. has marketed this idea to millions making it a great gemstone for new mothers.

Tanzanite is one of the newest gemstone to come to market and one of the more popular gemstones as well.  Tanzanite is used mainly for ornamental jewelry and as mineral specimens.  Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 by Masai tribesmen.  It quickly was sold on the gemstone market for its beautiful hues and was marketed by Tiffany and Co. as the perfect stone for new born mothers.

Most Tanzanite gemstones are mined in relatively small mines along the northern Tanzania border.  While most Tanzania minerals found are very small, once in a while, large masses of Tanzanite are found.  The record so far is an unbelievable 16,000+ crystal that weighs more than 6 carats.  This Tanzanite crystal is easily worth millions of dollars.  Tanzanite, because of its rareness and beauty is very valuable, sometimes approaching diamonds for the very best color, size and attributes.

Tanzanite is relatively hard, but wearers should be cautious when wearing it in a ring setting.  Because it only has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 it can be cracked upon direct impact, it should also stay away from intense heat and even sonic baths.  However, for normal wear it is usually fine.

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