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Opal is one of the most attractive stones and with its wonderful traits and variety of deep, rich colors that it comes in, it has become one of the more popular gemstones of our time.

Opal is made from sand and water. Usually the sand comes in the form of limestone, sandstone, rhyolite or basalt. These silicates usually mix with water usually from meters underground in the water tables. Opal is created at very low temperatures, usually at 200 degrees Celsius or less.


Opal comes in a wonderful array of colors such as white, black, gray, orange, yellow and red. Red is usually the most attractive color for Opal and it comes in either cherry or fire red. Another great trait of Opal is its opalescence. Opalescence is a kind of light play that happens with certain high quality stones. Light reflects and bounces around the very small structures of the stone, giving it a wonderful glow and sometimes iridescence.

Opals are some of the world’s most beautiful stones. If you are looking for a very attractive precious gemstone with lots of color, here is some more information on Opal.

Opal is made from normal sand which is found in limestone, rhyolite, basalt and sandstone. Besides these types of stones, water is usually added to the mix. Water percentages vary, however for the most part, no more than 20% of the opal stone is water and in most cases, opal gemstones usually only have about 3% to about 10% of water content.

One of the extraordinary features of this gemstone is called Opalescence, similar to Moonstone, Opalescence is when internal colors are reflected throughout the stone, giving it a wonderful aura and filling it with color. Opals come in many colors, including black, white, gray, yellow, colorless, orange and red. It should be noted that red is one of the more popular and one of the most attractive colors that Opal comes in. It includes the colors of cherry and fire. While Opal can be found in many regions around the world, it is mainly mined in Australia.

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